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Sponsor an Orfée Dog


At Orfée our goal is to save every dog that finds itself at one of our affiliated pounds. We don’t discriminate according to breed, sex, age, temperament or health, believing that every dog deserves a second chance. Consequently we often incur extra-ordinary costs above our ‘normal’ rescue expenses, such as; kenneling to avoid euthanasia if a foster home is not available, medical expenses for various operations, or for boarding with a specialist for behavioural assessment and correction.

Our average kenneling costs, alone, amount to between €1,500 and €2,000 per month.

To accomplish our goal we need your help through donations or regular sponsorship. There are many options for sponsorship.

You can opt to sponsor a specific dog:

  • Help towards a ‘high cost’ medical intervention such as fixing a broken leg, removing a tumor etc.
  • Set up a monthly reoccurring donation to help towards its kenneling / boarding costs.

Or alternatively, opt to sponsor a kennel ‘slot’ so Orfée will always have a space available for any dog that needs it.

Just indicate your choice in the “purpose” field when making the donation, and if applicable, remember to tick “make this reoccurring monthly”!!

What ever you decide, every donation helps and is gratefully received.

Thank you!!

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