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Why foster?

Fostering is a wonderful experience. You will find that your act of kindness is repaid in rewards that are really beyond words. You may feel that, as an animal lover, it will be impossible to take a dog in, rehabilitate him, and then give him up to someone else. We don’t deny it can be heart wrenching, but knowing you have saved that dog’s life and given him a better one is its own reward. Just ask any of our foster families. Once you’ve fostered a few, you also realise that the dog only looks forward to his new life when he leaves us.

Because we take care to get to know the dogs, as well as home check each applicant, we know they are happy in their new homes and our foster carers know that too. These dogs are just like any other pet dog, but who have had the misfortune to land in their lives. That all changes when they become an Orfée dog. You can help us save more of them.

Orfée is not a refuge; it does not own nor manage sheltered premises. Orfée takes on the ownership and thus responsibility for dogs that have been abandoned at a pre-selected number of pounds. Orfée Foster Parents then play a crucial role in the care and protection of those dogs prior to their adoption. Orfée recognises that dogs which spend time with a Foster family are re-homed quicker than those who remain in pounds, and are less likely to be returned.

Dogs needing foster homes

Orfée endeavours to foster all of its dogs prior to adoption, but due to limited resources this is not always possible. Orfée therefore has to prioritise the fostering based on the criticality to the health and well-being of the dog. The order of priority is:

  • Abandoned mothers with litters of puppies.
  • Puppies too young or immature to be adopted and that need regular attention.
  • Puppies and young dogs that need socialisation to give them the best possible start in life.
  • Dogs that are injured, recovering from surgery, or with special medical needs.
  • Older or senior dogs that will be more comfortable in a home environment.
  • Dogs suffering adverse stress from the pound environment.
  • Any dog when the pound becomes overcrowded and dogs are at risk of euthanasia.


  • ​YOU will help save the lives of 2 dogs – the dog you are fostering and the dog that can then take its place in the pound.
  • YOU will significantly increase the dog’s chance of being adopted by preparing it for family life, teaching the dog good house manners and social skills while under your care.
  • YOU will provide valuable information regarding the dog’s temperament, which will allow Orfée to better match the dog with the perfect adoptive home.
  • YOU will become a part of a large network of other people who share your commitment to helping animals.
  • A foster dog can become a companion and playmate for your existing dog(s) and may even help your own dog(s) with their social skills.
  • Fostering is a good way to find the right dog for you to eventually adopt.
  • Fostering provides companionship without the lifelong or financial commitment.

Orfée will provide routine preventative medical care including spay/neuter, vaccinations, worm and flea treatment. Foster parents are responsible for food, shelter, and any other incidentals associated with the basic care of the foster dog. However, in situations where the dog has specific medical, dietary, or other needs, Orfée will provide the necessary supplies. The foster parent is responsible for providing the dog with exercise and good manners through socialisation with other dogs and people. Any adverse behavioural problems should be monitored and if possible rectified with assistance from Orfée. Foster parents must also be willing to help with the adoption process, including meeting with potential adopters at your home, and manage the handover of the foster dog to their new adopted family. Having a car is beneficial for the purposes of attending routine medical appointments, collecting and dropping off the dog to its new family, but it is not a necessity.

Orfée determines which dogs are most in need of foster care. As an approved foster parent, you’ll receive notification from Orfée providing a brief description of those dogs needing foster homes. When you see a dog that might be a good match for your household and lifestyle, you simply respond. Orfée will contact you to provide more information and determine if the dog is a good match. Orfée will also help to provide you with some of the necessary supplies for fostering, support you throughout the entire process, and will be available to address any questions or concerns.

For a very detailed insight into the Orfée Foster programme please read our  Orfée Fostering Guide (booklet).


​If you are interested in becoming a Foster Parent for Orfée, then please provide your contact and other details using our Foster Application Form and someone will get back to you asap!

​Thank You!!

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