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Orfée Dogs at Risk


By law, a stray dog has to be impounded for a minimum of 10 days to give time for its owners to be located and to be reunited. Unfortunately, if the pound is full then another dog will have to ‘exit’ the pound, in one form or another, to make room for the new stray. For this reason Orfée endeavour to place a dog into a foster home as soon as practical following its 10 day holding period. In instances where the pound is full, a dog is at risk of euthanasia and a foster is not available then, finance permitting, Orfée will place the dog in kennels until a home can be found. However, during peak periods of abandonment Orfée can become overwhelmed; all foster places being taken and insufficient finances to place additional dogs into kennels. It’s at these times that we need your help the most – be it by adopting, by fostering or by helping financially.

If there are dogs detailed on this page then we have been given notice that they are at risk of euthanasia and we have no means to help them, so we are urgently looking for adopters, or fosters, or financial sponsors for those dogs.

We do not know their past, but like many dogs abandoned or lost, they have the right to a second chance, so please help us! 

Thank you!!


Will you Adopt / Foster / Sponsor Me?

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