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Adoption Application Form

Orfée In English - Adoption Application Form

Thank you for your interest in adopting an Orfée dog. To ensure a successful and stress free adoption please complete the form below being as honest as possible to ensure that we get a good match between yourselves and the Orfée dog you are interested in adopting.

Name of the dog you would like to adopt. If making a general enquiry please state 'General Enquiry" and then detail the type of dog and characteristics you are looking for later in the form.



Please provide approximate size of garden along with details of security ie 1 acre, fully enclosed, 1.2m fencing, walled court yard etc.


Please provide details of the number of adults and children living at the property, along with their ages and any special considerations:
Please indicate on an average day / week, how long would the dog be left unaccompanied?
Please indicate where the dog be kept during periods of absence, will it have access to the garden?
Please indicate the typical daily / weekly exercise regime for the dog. This is important to ensure that there is a good match between the energy levels of the dog and yourself.
Please indicate if the dog will have full access to all areas of the house? If limited access, please provide details ie will not be allowed upstairs.
Please indicate where the dog will sleep at night ie in the kitchen, in the bedroom, where it likes etc
Do you travel frequently?
Have you owned dogs before?
If "Yes" what arrangement would be made for the dog ie kennels, stay with a friend, take the dog with us
If 'Yes' what breed(s) and for how long
Please provide a list of other house hold pets that the dog will be in regular contact with (cats, dogs, farm animals etc). For existing dogs please include their breed, age, sex, if neutered / spayed, if their vaccinations are up to date, their general temperament and if they have lived with dogs before.
Please detail why you are looking to adopt a dog.
To help us ensure a good match, please list the key criteria that you are looking for in your new dog, ie. must be female, must be good with other dogs, must be calm, want a playful and dynamic dog to take jogging etc
Do you plan on taking out pet insurance to help with veterinary bills?
If something were to happen where you were no longer able to care for the dog, what previsions would be in place for the future welfare of the dog?
Please add any comments or additional information that you would like to include with your application.
Do you understand that Orfeé will request that pre and post adoption visits to be made, and will request regular updates and photos?
The information that I have provided is accurate at the time of completion.
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